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Manual Screen-Printing

Affordable & High-Quality Screen Printing Services in Cumberland, Rhode Island.

We are a manual screen-printing shop; our 6 color, 4 station rotary press is setup with micro-registration allowing us to dial in your prints consistently and accurately. We are setup to print small and large orders alike. No step in our process is automated or outsourced, ensuring the highest quality on delivery. You can rest easy knowing that each garment has human eyes on each print every step of the way.

We have the ability to make your visions come to life, with the many catalogs of high-quality apparel we have and multiple ink types to achieve almost any look/feel.

Screen-printing is best used for bulk printing, our minimum for screen-printing is typically 15-24 items of the same artwork. The more you purchase the lower your print productions costs are. We allow our clients to mix apparel styles as long as the artwork/ink colors are the same.

If you have little experience with choosing the proper material for what you need or would like to be guided step by step through each production process, we are confident we can deliver a product that will not disappoint.

Types of Screen-Printing Ink

Screen-printing close-up

Plastisol Ink

Feel on shirt: Heavy, sits on top of shirt fibers

Sturdiness: Long term

Opacity: Great

Bio: Our default ink to print, plastisol sits on top of the apparel when printed, leaving a deposit of ink that can be felt. This ink when cured correctly does not crack when the fibers of the shirt are stretched. Plastisol ink also allows for photorealistic printing on light colored apparel, called CMYK printing, it can be used to display a wide range of colors in an image while only using 4 main colors.

RISD Sculpture halftone

Water Based Ink

Feel on shirt: very light, absorbed into shirt fibers

Sturdiness: short to medium term; eventually looks “vintage”

Opacity: Poor, does not stay true to color on dark apparel. Great for white shirts.

Bio: Water based ink when printed is absorbed into the fibers of the apparel acting like a semi-permanent dye. It fades when washed and is known to crack as the shirt stretches over its lifetime. Water based ink can also be used to create custom mixed ink colors, like Pantones. Water based ink can also be used to print on paper to create great concert poster style artwork.

RISD Sculpture halftone

Specialty inks

Feel on shirt: Heavy

Sturdiness: Medium term

Opacity: Ok, some inks are restricted to certain shirt colors due to low opacity.

Bio: Specialty inks can be used to enhance your designs or apparel. Here are some of the specialty inks we keep in stock:

  • Glow-in-the-dark ink
  • Foil Printing ink
  • Metallic ink
  • Clear gel ink (prints mimic the apparel color)
  • Puff/raised ink

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