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Our in-house modular commercial embroidery machine, is efficient, productive, has excellent stitch quality and is used by some of the top apparel creators in the industry, like Nike, New Balance and Lands’ End. With the ability to do patches, hats, bags and an assortment of apparel, we’re sure our machine can handle your projects deadline and quality expectations.

We can use up to 16 colored threads per a design and can stitch on a number of fabrics. Our catalog of thread is vast and wide, ranging from normal threads to fireproof threads to glow in the dark threads to metallic threads. We can apply twill appliqués and 3D puff to embroidery to add dimensions to your design.

There is no minimum amount or color amount restrictions for orders. We quote embroidery by the 1000’s of stitches. A typical design is 10,000 stitches. There is a setup cost is applied to all new artwork and fabric types. Once a file is purchased, they are stored on our system and there is no setup cost applied unless the artwork or fabric changes. This setup cost is dictated by the type of fabrics the job will be stitch on, the amount of stitches per stitch out.

There are some limitations with embroidery and we try to mitigate those as much as possible for you. Small letters and fine details typically do not translate well into embroidery. Some fabrics do not react well to being heavily embroidered. We’ve acquired accessories for our machine over the years to further enhance our abilities to help accommodate diverse client requests.

Digitizing Setup Packages

For 1 design under 19,500 stitches:

Option 1 – Covers two fabric types (flats or hats).

Option 2 – T-shirts/sweatshirts + hat fabric file (beanie or caps).

Option 3 – T-shirts/sweatshirt, hat fabric (beanie & caps), fleece fabric.

Option 1P – 1 patch design up to size 4.5” x 4.5”.

All designs over 19,500 stitches will be custom quoted.

Types of Embroidery

Embroidery Hat SPG The Movement

Flat Embroidery

The standard type of embroidery normally produced, this is a nice tight and slightly raised embroidered design on shirts/sweatshirts, hats or beanies, or any type of fabric that we can get a hoop on it. Flat embroidery is an extremely functional and durable decoration process.

3D Embroidery Puff

3D Embroidery

This type of embroidery adds a bit of foam underneath the stitched-out design, achieving a raised effect. This is the effect you’d normally see on hats from major league sports. Orders are limited to basic thread colors, because the color of the thread has to match the color of the foam.

Patch Embroidery


Patches can be created in a range of sizes including circles, rectangles, 4.5” x 4.5”, 6”x 6” etc.

Patches can be created with twill to add flair, or created with fill stitches with #40 thread. All patches will have a satin border.

Custom sizes are available.

Types of backing: No backing, Heat Seal, Hook & Loop, Sticky Adhesive

Minimum quantity per design: 12 patches

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