Why is Branding So Important?

Branding is the face of your business – it should always make a memorable impression.

Get Recognized

When someone sees your logo on a lawn sign driving down the street, on someone’s t-shirt at the supermarket or in a social media post on Facebook, that builds brand recognition. Over time brand recognition will help build your customer base, give you more credibility and increase your business value.

How to Start

One simple way to start, is to choose colors that make sense for your business. Look up ‘color psychology’ on Google to figure out what colors resonate the most with your business. Once you’ve selected a primary color, you can start implementing it on social media posts or have your employees wear those colors. This will start to create brand consistency.

How it Works

DMB Construction & Remodeling LLC. Logo Designed By JAS Design & Screen-Printing Studio's Owner Seth Jarret
We worked with DMB Construction & Remodeling to create their brand assets. They build their brand recognition by showing up to every job site wearing DMB branded apparel, handing out business cards with their logo on it and putting lawn signs up at a site while working.
Paul's Fine Wine & Spirits Logo Designed By JAS Design & Screen-Printing Studio's Creative Director Shannon Malloy
At Paul’s Fine Wine & Spirits their employees all have the logo on their polos. Stepping up to the counter to someone wearing a branded polo gives a great first impression and also reinforces their store branding. Seeing the unique fruit graphic makes their logo more recognizable when they see it elsewhere.
Logo Designed By JAS Design & Screen-Printing S
The way that we create brand consistency and recognition is by using our logo in places of visibility and using our brand colors in places like our website, social media posts and in the studio. Just like every business, we want people to know who we are, so we do these things to build brand recognition.

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