Which Custom Merch Service Is Right for Your Next Project?

A quick reference guide to choosing between our custom merch services: Screen-Printing, Heat Press, Embroidery and Sublimation.

Choose screen-printing if…

  • You have an order larger then 12
  • You want a durable, long-lasting product
  • You want the same exact print on each item

Choose heat press if…

  • You have a short timeline and small order
  • You want custom names and/or numbers
  • You have simple artwork that is S 1-2 color

Choose Embroidery If…

  • You want elevated uniforms for your employees
  • You need items on demand
  • You want hats or beanies

Choose sublimation if…

  • You want customized promotional products
  • You want full-color artwork
  • You want athletic uniforms

Our services don’t stop there – there is more for you to create!